1. Mess-y day at the office.. but I feel it’s leading to something semi cool. 😜😷😴

  2. 2am to 7pm.. #gbtl #yinyangs #work #timetowatchfullhouse


  3. weekend-warrior said: So you're the real Ace Enders?? And you followed me on Tumblr? This makes me so happy I think I might die. I still use the wallet that I made you guys sign at Warped last year! Your voice is beautiful by the way and I love you.

    Yes and yes..thanks so much!


  4. thxsweethrt said: I'd love for you to play in San Diego!! Do you plan on touring soon in Southern Cali?

    Yes probably in the winter. Combining a tour with a trip to spot a blue footed booby bird..have you seen one?


  5. jessiremembershalloween said: Hey! I seen the add over the weekend, greatly appreciated. Its always awesome when the band's take interest in the fans, so thank you. You'll be in Chicago soon, We'll bump into each other then. Get ready for some Chicago love! Sincerely, Jessi.

    See you in Chicago jessi thanks so much!


  6. alwaysbeenastorm said: I've had a TEN-related question for like 8 years now that I hope you can answer. What ad lib is screamed at 1:13 of "The Rest of My Life"? It's just an ad lib so it's not in the album sleeve. It sounds like, "This spaceship is out of control!" but I don't think that's it.

    Actually yeah that’s what it is you had it right!

  7. Mixing some @paradisefears jams with my dude colossus.. Songs are so good #mixingwithx-men


  8. ashleybeeeez said: Is this really ace Enders

    Yeah it’s me thanks for supporting..I followed a bunch of people who had tagged the band


  9. kurt-nobrain said: When is the next time you're going to come back to Seattle?

    Probably in the winter..I think


  10. heebiejeebie said: So I totally did not expect this. But, thanks for the follow, Ace! I'm Ryan Hebert! I saw you and TEN last year at Warped in Hartford (even though I live in Western MA). I love your acoustic stuff, and I may be heading out to the acoustic tour! You seriously just made my day, thank you so much for making wonderful music, man. See you on the road! :)

    Hey Ryan thanks! Hope to see you this summer